academicsThe curriculum at the Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy follows and exceeds the educational requirements of the State of California. Our school has a well-defined curriculum in each subject area, which is tied to our goals and mission. The curriculum is both challenging and nurturing as it strives to instill a strong foundation in the basic skills, as well as develop high levels of analytical and critical thinking through age appropriate activities.

Our curriculum challenges each student to achieve his or her utmost potential with rigorous academics and positive social skills. We want all students to achieve strong academic skills, effective communication skills, become independent learners who contribute to their communities and are critical, creative thinkers and problem solvers. Our small class sizes aid in the academic and personal development of all students.

Find out moreĀ about specific subjects that we target:

Goals and Objectives

Our goals and objectives are reinforced throughout all aspects of our student’s curriculum, academically, socially, personally, physically, and culturally.

Our Teachers

See a complete bio on each of our teachers.

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