On February 17, 2005, the Grandparents Club was organized with a purpose to create a bond of love and respect for all generations – boys, girls, men, and women, and with a mission to “Stop the Violence”.

The Grandparents Club is a community organization comprised of approximately 40 grandparents (both grandfathers and grandmothers) committed to making a change in the community by volunteering their time, energy and talents working with the students, teachers, administrators, parents and guardians to ensure success.

The Grandparent Club members believe that it is imperative to provide early intervention in the lives of children that includes love, support, mentoring and a Christian education to foster a generation of youth who will be productive and respectful citizens.

To reach that goal, the Grandparents Club supports the Academy in many ways, including: volunteering in the classrooms, the library, assisting with the lunch program, “Banking Day”, and planning activities to encourage the students and staff. Additionally, they have established rapport with the students and their parents and have become the extended family unit at school, thereby addressing the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child”, The Grandparents also provide mentoring to parents/guardians, who may need those services, along with assisting with teaching effective parenting skills.

The Grandparent Club members add additional support in each classroom thereby increasing resources for teachers, students and parents, while simultaneously positively impacting the challenges relating to parenting.

In 2008, the Grandparents Club instituted an “ADOPT A CHILD” Program, where the members pay one half of the tuition for qualifying students, which helps to defray the cost to families. Since the program’s inception, many students and their families have received financial assistance!

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